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Sexually Broken video gallery "Cute Mid Western girl gets brutally fucked"

Cute Mid Western girl gets brutally fucked

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Short description: Please welcome the sexy Midwestern slut turned porn star Maddy O'Reilly in her debut on the Sexuallybroken stage. Today she will be bound and throat blasted out of her mind until she is a undone puddle of cum-drunk limp flesh. Let's get started, shall we?

A fucking machine is a pussy's worst nightmare. It never slows down, never gets tired, and as long as there is electricity it is good to go. We have a lot of electricity in the studio today and Maddy's pussy is doomed. The fucking machine is going to own her cunt and the dick is going to own her throat. Maddy is arched over in a back breaker position and shackled into place. The machine is placed inside her and bolted into the ground. It is go time. For the first time in her life Maddy knows the true definition of 'helpless'. Both her holes are throughly, completely used and there is absolutely nothing she can do to stop it. All she can do is endure and hope for mercy. Mercy is not is large supply around these parts.

Being arched upside down opens Maddy's throat hole perfectly for our cock and we take through advantage of that fact. The cock is introduced to the back of her throat and her eyes start to glass over almost immediately. It doesn't matter how though you are, how much practice you might of had in sucking dick, when a rock hard cock is fighting its way down into your lungs it takes the starch right out of you. Maddy is quickly reduced to a drooling mess of porn star. A porn star experiencing sub space for the very first time. it is a beautiful thing.

Of course, despite the fact that Maddy's pussy is stuffed full of fucking machine, we can't let our vibrator go to waste. The vibrator is placed on her already overworked pussy and Maddy promptly loses her mind. Completely restrained, drilled down from both ends simultaneously, desperately searching for the smallest gasp of air while the vibrator rips orgasm after orgasm from her helpless hole turns Maddy into a mindless sex zombie. Her only purpose in life is to serve the cock. We use her as we see fit and when we are done just walk away, leaving her spent and sticky, covered in her own drool and juices. Welcome to Sexuallybroken Maddy, come back anytime...

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