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Sexually Broken video gallery "Tiny Tegan Tate bound"

Tiny Tegan Tate bound

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Short description: We would like to welcome 4'11, 100lb Tegan Tate to the pages of Sexually Broken. This tiny hottie tweeted how badly she wanted to work for us, so here she is. Tegan loves bondage, rough sex and brutal face fuckings, so she came to the right place, as we excel at all of those. We bind our tiny sex machine to a pillar with her legs spread and her eyes blindfolded. We add a wooden Japanese tongue trap to get the drool machine running. She struggles with the bondage for a bit and soon realizes she is completely helpless and going nowhere. Little does she know that a 10 inch black cock is heading straight for the back of her throat.

We slowly warm up that pretty face hole with cock, if you rush it you will just get gagging. We don't want that, we want a long hard face fucking that challenges even the best cocksuckers. So a warm up is in order. Before too much spit and drool ooze from her helpless mouth, we cut off her clothes and tightly bind her perfect natural breasts. We pull them up to two poles ensuring our tiny cock suck doesn't slouch at all. Two nasty nipple clamps tighten on to her huge nipples, then weights are added. Every time a cock hits the back of Tegan's throat the nipple clamps swing back and forth.

Then it's on, two hard cocks take turns plowing the back of Tegan's throat. It's an overload. She struggles for control but we own her face. If you are a fan of throat boarding and skull fucking then this update is for you. We add a vibrator to her shaved cunt and watch Tegan cum while being throat fucked into next week. Tegan does an impressive job of multitasking, cumming and sucking. We are brutal with the cock and the orgasms overwhelm her. In the end Tegan is left cum drunk, covered in her own spit and drool, and dazed from enduring an epic skull fucking.

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