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HardTied video gallery "Wet and Desperate"

Wet and Desperate

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Short description: Maddy O'Reilly came to me for tight bondage. She showed up on my door step asking, practically begging, to have rope wound around her until she could hardly move, to have me spank her, then caress her, or whatever else it would take to make her feel alive.

My hands make a satisfying sound as they sting her ass. Her cheeks start turning red from the impact almost instantly. It's a nice, healthy glow in my opinion.

The feeling of being beaten is exciting to her. I can see her shifting uncomfortably as her pussy becomes dripping wet. She's trying to hide it from me but there is no way I wouldn't notice. It's so obvious that she is turned on.

I decide to do her a favor. I change her bondage slightly so that her knees are under her. Face down and ass up, she is in the perfect fucking position, but she hasn't earned that kind of treatment. Instead she gets another intense fingering before I bring the Hitachi out to play. It's a more powerful vibrator than she is used to. When she fantasizes it is never something so forceful buzzing away between her legs. It means that she goes from a horny little nymph to a panting and cum-drunk puddle in a matter of seconds.

She is barely conscious from all of the cumming but I am not done with her yet. While she tries to compose herself I've got a flogger that I want to take to her ass and pussy. Somewhere deep in subspace she is barely aware of the impacts across her back-side. When she does feel them all she does is let out a small, pleased moan.

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